About Our School

Benson is a wonderful school that welcomes children and families from so many different cultures and countries.

Our strength is our diversity! When you join Benson you become a Benson Bee, a member of our community, a team player who supports and encourages all, always prepared to try something new and work hard to achieve success, but most importantly you will always remember that at Benson: 'There are no limits to what you can achieve'

About Our School

School Aims / Vision

Benson is a school where everyone feels safe, everyone has a voice and everyone’ potential is recognised; A school that is inclusive, welcoming and where everyone is equal; A school that has great teaching so that children learn the skills they need really well and where they are offered a wide range of experiences to help them grow into valuable members of society; A school that provides a broad, balanced and enriched curriculum that inspires and sets our children above the rest; We instil enthusiasm and a love of learning that will go with them into the rest of their lives; A school where for both staff and pupils there are no limits to what you can achieve; A school that supports children and families; A school where children have respect for themselves, others and their property; A school that takes responsibility for the impact we have on our environment; A school that promotes a sense of pride and recognition of our own heritage and that of others.

Our school moto

"There are no limits to what you can achieve"

School Partnerships

Where you can find us

We’re based in Hockley not far from the city centre and the famous Jewellery Quarter area of Birmingham.

Benson Road,
B18 5TD
0121 554 4913