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Black History Month

During Black History month in October, children in Year 4 researched the lives of STEM Scientists Guy Blueford and Mae Jemison, the first African American man and woman to travel into space. Using the information gathered they then wrote biographies in their English lessons. In addition, children created models of the rockets and shuttles used by the astronauts as part of their homework project. Moreover, the children focussed on the life of Michael Jackson and created Picasso-inspired portraits of the singer, as well as learning the dance steps to the song ‘Thriller’ which they then performed in front of the other children in Phase 3 during a celebratory assembly.

Some of our children's work

Computing at Benson
May 9, 2018

Computing at Benson

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Y4 Central Library Trip
June 12, 2018

Y4 Central Library Trip

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Year 2 Trip to  Buddhist Temple
February 13, 2019

Year 2 Trip to Buddhist Temple

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