Once again ‘Benson Science Week’ was an overwhelming success! This annual Science extravaganza has been running at our school for the past seven years. All last week, children had the opportunity to engage in a variety of scientific endeavours during ‘British Science Week 2018’. Pupils in Year 4 and 5 became ‘Crime Scene Investigators’, solving a “whodunit” mystery, when ‘The Birmingham Forensic Laboratory’ came to visit Benson. Also, the finalists for the School Science Projects paraded their work in the ‘Show & Tell’ assemblies hosted by the Benson’s Science Coordinator, Dr Choudhury. There were 5 winners from each year group, who all won some fabulous prizes. However, the overall year group winners were:

Ayesha, Arun, Parmeet, Kye, Bintou, and  Solen 

The school would like to thank all the parents/guardians/carers for your support in helping your child complete their Science Projects. All the staff were impressed with the quality of projects and the amount work, research and effort that went into them.

Zephaniyah stated, “Science week is my favourite time of the year… I always love taking part and completing a science project!”

Christian exclaimed, “The Forensic Lab was awesome, we learnt so many techniques that real-life CSI officers use in solving crimes!”

Some of our children's work

May 1, 2018

Our School Choir

  Jingle-Bells-KS2-Choir http://bensonschool.co.uk/neue/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/😀janie-mama.m4a http://bensonschool.co.uk/neue/wp-content/uploads/2018/05/Something-Inside-so-Strong.m4a

Science Week at Nursery
March 15, 2018

Science Week at Nursery

This week Nursery have been getting involved in ‘Science Week’. We have been investigating how germs are spread from our…