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STEM/SCIENCE WEEK- 11th-15th March 2019

As part of Year 4 and 5’s STEM/Science Week, children had the opportunity to become ‘Forensic Scientists’. They had to solve a ‘dognapping’ mystery. Children were given a variety of clues ranging from fingerprints, chromatography samples and footprints. In teams of 6, children examined the evidence and tried to ascertain who had dognapped the prize pooch, which dog had been dognapped and who the owner of the dog was. In the process, children were able to learn about fingerprinting, chromatography and DNA samples.

Some of our children's work

Year 4’s Science
November 12, 2018

Year 4’s Science

As part of Year 4’s Science topic on Sound, children had the opportunity to research how the ear functions using…