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Year 4’s Science

As part of Year 4’s Science topic on Sound, children had the opportunity to research how the ear functions using the internet, books and information sheets. Working in pairs, the children created informative posters with their findings and then presented the information to the rest of the class.

Some of our children's work

Christmas Activities at Nursery
December 12, 2018

Christmas Activities at Nursery

The nursery children have started our Christmas activities this week. They have particularly enjoyed decorating our ‘alternative Christmas trees’

February 16, 2018

Thinktank visit from Nursery

This week Nursery had a visit from the Think Tank Science Museum to help give them some ideas on their new gallery. We…

Year 6 Whitemoor Lakes Trip
December 20, 2019

Year 6 Whitemoor Lakes Trip

Year 6 children have enjoyed their Whitemoore lakes trip. They have learnt lots of skills. Every activity has enabled every…