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Year 6 SATS Workshop

On Monday, Year 6 parents and carers were invited into school for a ‘SATS Workshop’. The adults got the opportunity to find out more about the tests and looked at the types of questions that the children will face. It was a fantastic session and we would like to thank you all for attending- we look forward to welcoming you into school again soon!

Some of our children's work

Year 5 Ann Boleyn Trial!
March 22, 2018

Year 5 Ann Boleyn Trial!

History was re-written in Year 5 as Anne Boleyn was put on trial as part of their English work. They…

Year 1 Library Visit
June 29, 2018

Year 1 Library Visit

Year 1B visited the local library on Tuesday. The children enjoyed exploring the different types of books and having a…

July 16, 2018

Benson Choir at Symphony Hall

You Gotta Be Mr Blue Sky Dreaming Everybody Wants to rule the world This is me