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Reading Recovery

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Benson is the sole accredited provider of Reading Recovery training in Birmingham. The training is led by Kalvinder Bains.

Reading Recovery is an accredited school-based literacy programme for the lowest achieving children aged five or six that enables them to reach age-expected levels within 20 weeks.

It involves a short series of one-to-one lessons for 30 minutes every day with a specially trained teacher. The programme is different for every child, starting from what the child knows and what he/she needs to learn next. The focus of each lesson is to comprehend messages in reading and construct messages in writing, learning how to attend to detail without losing focus on meaning.

It is the affordable way to deliver the best results for children who need to catch up in literacy. Research shows that no other system achieves such good results so swiftly and so long lasting. Ofsted view it as productive use of pupil premium.

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