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Welcome to Nursery

April 2015 Update

On Wednesday 22nd April, Reception classes held a workshop to show our parents how the PATHS program works in school.
Lots of parents attended and joined in all the many activities with their children. Some parents said they were going to use some of the ideas they had seen, with their children at home now!
A busy and instructive morning was had by all.
Thanks to everyone who attended.

Reception staff and Mrs Tumelty

The Nursery Team:

Mrs. M. Tumelty – NT class teacher
Mrs. T. Watson – NW class teacher
Mrs. S. Kumari, Miss. C. Smith, Ms. S. Malik – Teaching Assistants
Settling in:
We are all getting used to the new routines at Nursery. We are learning how to share, take turns, look after each other and make lots of new friends. We are trying to become more independent by using the toilet, fastening our coats and expressing our needs, ideas and feelings in words.
Look at how we are enjoying ourselves during out first few weeks…

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Curriculum Overview 2014-15

The Early Year’s Curriculum follows seven areas of learning – Personal, Social and Emotional development, Physical development, Communication and Language, Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding the World and Expressive Arts and Design.

We offer a variety of experiences to cover the areas of learning such as

• dancing, singing and making music with a wide range of instruments
• painting, exploring colours and making models and collages
• dressing up and role play fun
• sharing books, listening to and re-telling stories
• writing and mark making
• using a range of ICT equipment such as I pads and Beebots
• designing and building models using construction sets
• observing the seasons
• cooking and gardening
• counting, sorting, making patterns
• measuring and weighing familiar objects
• recognising and talking about shapes
• a weekly PE session with our specialist PE teacher
• a weekly session with our music teacher

Our learning activities follow the children’s interests, along with these set mini topics
Autumn – Settling in / How many Colours in a Rainbow?
Spring – Where does Snow go? / Which is the biggest Dinosaur?
Summer – How does this Building stay up? / Am I the fastest?
Seasons and festivals are marked during the year.

An indoor and outdoor classroom is available during the year, whatever the weather, so please ensure your child has adequate footwear and clothing.