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School Clubs

Here at Benson Community School we run a comprehensive programme of before and after School clubs. Morning Clubs run from 8am to 840am and Afternoon Clubs run from 315pm to 430pm. Please Contact reception if you require more information.

School Clubs

We are really pleased to be able to offer a wide range of after-school clubs at our school.  All clubs are safe and well supervised. Benson also has a history of excelling in sports and these clubs ensure that pupils get excellent opportunities to develop skills in specialised areas. We are actively involved in inter-school competitions and fixtures and have a strong reputation to uphold. Clubs promote team spirit and motivate pupils to develop a strong sense of worth. They are proven to improve behaviour and attendance – our pupils are highly motivated to come to these clubs because they know they will enjoy them so much. Clubs rota on a termly basis and information will be put on the newsletter to let you know when the next round of applications are. Your child will be invited to come and sign up if they want to join a club.

Clubs Timetable