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Applications made outside the normal admission rounds (in year admissions) will be made directly to the school in line with Birmingham City Council policy. The Local Authority will provide an in-year application form for parents to complete. Please visit our school to collect an application form if you are interested in a place here.

Benson Community School Admission Criteria

Children are admitted to our school in accordance with parental preference as far as possible for every age group. However, where there are more applications than there are places available, school places will be offered based on our oversubscription criteria. As Benson is a Local Authority Community School our criteria for admissions is as follows:

1:Looked after or previously looked after children.

2:Siblings (brother or sister who will still be in attendance in the year of admission)

3:Distance (children who live nearest the school-measured from our front gate on Benson Road)

Nursery Only Admissions Criteria

Benson Community School has its own Nursery classes. Any application for a place in the Nursery must be made directly to the School not the Local Authority.

Please note that being part of our Nursery does not guarantee a place in Reception

As a Birmingham Local Authority School we offer nursery places to all children on a part time basis first. If capacity exists after all children have been offered a place, then those identified as meeting the criteria for full time provision would be offered a full time place.

If we receive more applications for full time than places available the following criteria applies:

1:Children meeting the criteria for the allocation of a full time place (see detail on Birmingham City Council’s Website for further information)

2:Children with a sibling already in Benson Community School who will still be attending when Nursery child enters the school.

3:Children who live nearest the school. (measured from the front gate on Benson Road)

Click here to see the Admission policy Birmingham Council Admissions Page