Letters and Sounds

At Benson, we follow the ‘Letters and Sounds’ Phonics programme in order to teach children to read. We use both decodable texts and texts that develop reading for meaning. Pupils in Foundation Stage and KS1 have a high quality daily discrete phonics lesson. In addition, children may have additional phonics ‘mini-sessions’ to practice ‘sounds’ not yet mastered. In these sessions, the children practice ‘sounds’ they know, are introduced to new ‘sounds’ and apply their learning in a range of contexts.

In Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 pupils have Guided Reading lessons  and extracts from both fiction and non-fiction texts, including poems, picture books, classic fiction and newspaper articles.

As children’s reading develops, we use a variety of texts encompassing different genres from a range of publishers in order to motivate and promote reading for enjoyment and pleasure. Classes have ‘Book Club’ every week, in which the class shares a text together and completes related comprehension-based tasks.

In Year 3 and Year 4 (Phase 3) pupils have weekly Guided Reading sessions whereby they read texts in a small group, which are at their reading level. We do not follow one particular reading scheme in Phase 3; the children are exposed to a variety of books from a range of schemes and authors.

Guided Reading sessions

Guided Reading sessions last for 30 minutes with a focus on developing children’s reading fluency and inference and deduction skills.The children also have Book Club three times per week. This is where all the children have access to the same text that is read primarily by the class teacher.

To further develop vital inference skills, during Book Club sessions the children will be questioned using a range of question types, this enables children to read with a deeper understanding of the text. Some children who are not on track have additional reading intervention sessions such as 1:1 reading – based on PM benchmarking. These bespoke sessions are to further support and enhance their progress in reading.