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Science Projects 2020

This year, we have looked at natural disasters and how they affect our world. Each year group had a different knowledge subject which they had to research. The task was to design a project in as creative a manner as possible.


Our children embraced this challenge with open arms and designed a wide range of projects.

Some of our children's work

Year1 Trip to Cadbury world
May 13, 2019

Year1 Trip to Cadbury world

Last Week,year One went on a trip to Cadbury World. We learnt all about where chocolate came from, how chocolate…

Year 6 Trip to Whitemoor Lake
September 28, 2018

Year 6 Trip to Whitemoor Lake

This week, 48 children went on a residential to Whitemoor Lakes. We took part in a variety of activities from…

June 12, 2018

Y4 Central Library Trip

As part of Benson’s continuing drive to promote ‘Reading for Pleasure’, all three classes from Year 4 went to visit…