Year 1

Autumn Term

Logging onto the Computers – they should be able to log on independently or at least with little support.

Learning the basics of Scratch – blocks, sprites, backgrounds, making things move. Selecting a sprite and being able to move on the Costume.

Autumn Term 2

Continue with Scratch – making a conversation – load own background. Trying to make a sprite move on its own.

Spring 1

We are Artists – using a paint program to make a picture. Making own Gruffalo picture. Using PowerPoint to insert images and text. Using F5 to make it move and animation. Inserting different media into the PowerPoint. Sound, video, gif. Resizing.

Spring 2

Word Processing – we are story tellers. Jack and the B’stalk.

Summer 1: We are collectors – PowerPoint – gaining images and differentiating them.

Year 2

Autumn 1

Scratch 1.4  – programming character – We are space explorers. Adding sprites, adding backgrounds, programming movement in characters, programming movement in backgrounds. Astronauts and rocket created, programming movement on the sun – whirl.  Programming moving of the sprite with left and right button.

Autumn 2 – We are Presenters, Microsoft PowerPoint

Text boxes, formatting letters and text boxes resizing, adding and formatting an image, resizing images small arrow, drawing picture and place into pp, font colour, saving from web, insert into PowerPoint, slide design limitations, work art, inserted animated gif, editing a photo using pp, animation – entrance, emphasis and exit, (with/after previous), insert a video into pp, make a video. Place screen in background.

Spring 1 – We Are Detectives

We are detectives -looking at elements of email – email safety, not who they say they are, opening, reading, and replying. Recording a voice message, filling in fact file with evidence, sending asking for evidence/help. Attach and send to specified email address. Work out who stole cake – send pp with picture and voice message to an imaginary Head teacher.

Year 3

Autumn 1 – We are Presenters/Movie Makers

Microsoft PowerPoint, Windows MovieMaker

Microsoft PowerPoint – text boxes, formatting, importing of images, importing sound, creation of a gif on EZGIF actually – transparent png files – what are they, word art, creating image and importing into PowerPoint. Inserting an existing video into PowerPoint. Creating own video using MovieMaker and editing film –add sound/effects to their work.

Autumn 2 – We are Astronauts/Programmers

Scratch basics – Scratch 1.4  – programming character – We are musicians/programmers. Adding sprites, adding backgrounds, programming movement in characters, programming movement in backgrounds. Involves adding gif dance band to scratch – making each move independently. Adding a music track made by them. Gliding sprites across the pages. Up down left right to move sprites.