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Useful Websites

We have provided you with the following useful web links to help you with additional work at home.

All Subjects

tps:// – Educational games for laptop or iPad – Games and activities for all subjects and year groups You need to set up your own username and password. Enter code: CVDTWINKLHELPS. This gives free access to the entire site including books, games and printable activities Classroom Secrets Kids – register for a free trial to access the Kids games and activities Links on this page for games and information for all school subjects Range of interactive online educational games Interactive learning games for all year groups (Maths and English only) Free resources to print for a range of subjects Suitable for up to 6 years old – interactive games and clips up to KS1 Free interactive home-learning resources and downloadable activity packs

Maths Science SATS Papers and Year 4 Multiplication Tables Check

All Subjects Free membership available until the end of April –resources available for all subjects and year groups Free Maths and English home learning packs to download for Year 1-6 Free learning packs to download for a range of subjects Learning activities for all year groups and a range of subjects Active learning videos for a range of subjects and year groups Watch Newsround episodes and clips on a range of news topics

Reading Wider Curriculum Spelling and Handwriting