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What Does Your Child Wear?

We believe that wearing a uniform can help to give children the feeling of belonging to the School Community and a sense of pride in our school. Uniform is comfortable, inexpensive and stops competition about fashion trends. Please support the wearing of school uniform.

Our uniform

Boys/Girls School Uniform

– Sky Blue Polo T-shirt (With or Without School Logo)

– Navy Sweatshirt / Cardigan (With School Logo)

– Plain Trousers/Skirt – Grey only

– Plain Black Shoes (NO Trainers)

– Plain Black Boots Can Be Worn During Winter

– Plain Grey Tights/Socks

– Plain Navy Headscarf

P.E Kit

– Plain Sky Blue or White T-Shirt

(With or Without School Logo)

– Plain Black Shorts/Leggings

– Plain Black Pumps / Football Trainers


Stockists for Benson Uniform:
Gogna Schoolwear Handsworth B21 9QU
Clive Marks Schoolwear Bearwood B67 5AX

Uniform Poster

Please support the wearing of the School uniform!