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Promoting British Values

Guide For Pupils


* Through our school council you can have your say

* In lessons you can listen to each other’s opinions

* Speaking and listening activities promote discussions

* You are part of Benson but you are also part of the wider community of Birmingham and Britain – We call ourselves the Benson Bees

Individual Liberty

* We listen to every child through pupil voice

* Through our comprehensive PSHE curriculum your rights are promoted

* You are encouraged to make the right choices about how you learn and how you behave

Mutual Respect:

* Our classroom rules help us to understand how to listen and share and to look after each other

* Our assemblies teach us about different faiths

* Our PSHE Curriculum teaches us to show respect and tolerance for different genders, ages, cultures, sexualities and disabilities

* Our Anti-Bullying workshops and lessons teach us about how our behaviours can affect others and how we can change what we do if we upset others

Rule of Law:

* We have lots of policies about how things are done at Benson and these are shared with parents

* We learn about our rights and also our responsibilities through our PSHE lessons

Tolerance of those of different faiths and beliefs:

* At Benson the whole school community is encouraged to show respect and tolerance for different people, faiths, cultures and languages

* We recognise the cultural diversity of our country and of cultures around the world and our work in History and Geography helps us do this

* We enjoy studying art and listening to music much of which reflects the multicultural, multi faith Britain we live in today

* We celebrate special days and festivals throughout the year